mountain daisies, thumbnail,
clivias, thumbnail
ash and fire, thumbnail
red sorghum in a vase
red flowers and blue twigs
abstract two, painting
abstract three, painting
abstract four, painting
cotton, cookie and cups, painting
pineapple girl, painting
going grey, painting
medieval jugs, painting
awash, engraved marble
ice @ sunset, engraved marble
full moon, engraved marble
green ice, engraved marble
ice flow, engraved and painted marble
flowering plum, engraved and painted marble
canoe spray, engraved and painted marble
may moon, engraved and painted marble
red crops engraved and painted marble
paloma, engraved and painted marble
peninsula, engraved and painted marble
silver river engraved and painted marble
sun and shadow, engraved and painted marble
valadon, engraved and painted marble
wing and waves, engraved and painted marble
lillies, engraved and painted marble

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